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Personalized Funeral Acknowledgements

During the time of our deepest grief, our friends, family and acquaintances come to lend their help and understanding. Their thoughts and prayers in an effort to sooth and comfort our grieving hearts catches us off guard. The touching cards and letters all giving their deepest condolences help us, the mourners, remember that we are not alone in the grief and that we can find peace in others.

personalized stationeryAfter the funeral, it is important to acknowledge those that helped us during a time of need. Families often send out thank you notes and acknowledgements to the people that helped them out. The people who sent flowers, those who helped with the funeral service or those who made donations on the beloved’s behalf.

It is commonly known that writing these acknowledgement cards helps in the healing process. They make the bereaved realize all the love that is shared between them and their supporters. It also reaffirms the love between their loved one and the support system that remains for the rest of the family.

Now comes the question of how should we go about writing our acknowledgement. First you should consider what medium you want to use. Sending a thank you note by email might be convenient, but it hardly shares the depth of gratitude that you want to convey. Your thank you card should be hand-written. A hand-written note shows that you really have taken the time to recognize the person you are thanking. Do not be generic in your writing by sending everyone the same note. If a person did something out of the ordinary for you and your family, acknowledge that specifically in your writing.

Now that you have decided to handwrite the note, you will want a personalized card to help convey your thanks. Funeral acknowledgements and stationery are elegant ways of delivering your heartfelt thanks. They come in many different styles and colors. Most acknowledgements are personalized with a favorite poem of the deceased.  You also can have something you want known to all the people you want to thank. Then you can add what you want to say to that specific person inside the note.

The healing process can be a long one. The pain of loss will eventually fade away. In the end, you will be grateful that you took the time to write your thanks. With every word you put down, the pain gets easier; the good memories flood your mind. The feel of the pen on paper will be the outlet for your grief. The flow of ink onto paper, as you share your grief and thanks, will be healing to you. Share the job with your family; you will grow together in love and memories.

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